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The staff of the AOBP is proud to announce that an upgrade is in the works and will result in dramatic improements to our web site and the creation of additional classes of membership and greatly expanded member benefits.  If you have a suggestion for improvements that should be included or any other ideas for improvement, we would love to hear from you!  Please use the contact us form or give us a call!
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Written by Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D.   

Most people look at "business" as something separate from everything else in life, and at best, a necessary evil. Something you have to do. Or a way to make money—in a practical, but never creative, artistic or (perish the thought) moral way. If you don't think that way, then the Association of Objectivist Business Professionals is probably for you.

In today's political climate, business is the first thing under attack when things go wrong. And it's no wonder. "Greed" and the actions of corporations—whether or not they're demanding government handouts—are blamed for everything that could ever go wrong. Yet even when things go well, business is accused of engaging in "irrational exuberance" or otherwise being "too successful." Gigantic business successes, such as Bill Gates, live out their careers apologizing for their successes, either by fawning over incompetent and corrupt politicians, or by making a show of giving lots of their money to charity. And where does it get them? Nowhere. Business just can't win. As a result, neither can business people.

This is why we need an association of like-minded individuals who grasp that business is more than just a way to make money. It's a way to practice the art of living. Business, at the core, is a trade. It's a trade just as any other human association involves trade. When you're friends with someone, or in love, you're trading the variables of your individual characters: your personalities, your temperament, your interests. Business is no different, except that the trade is more explicit and generally has a clear beginning and end.

Everything that matters in personal relationships also matters in business. If a spouse, romantic partner or friend betrays you, you're emotionally devastated. If someone providing you with a valuable product or service does the same, you're devastated financially, and sometimes emotionally as well. If you don't live up to the objective qualifications of being a good friend or a good business associate, people will not like or trust you, and you will not succeed. The first rule of business, then, is to identify what your core values are, and resolve to live by them. Associating with others who share those values can help you in this quest, supporting, nurturing and honoring you and your value system. It provides the unique opportunity to combine two things that are rarely merged: Business—and personal values.

A business association is established upon the moral defense that what one does is unique. This is true now more than ever, for we live in an era where business is assaulted, on moral grounds, more than ever before. Gigantic corporations have disgraced themselves and the word "business" through pathetic begging for money from the very politicians whose reckless government policies brought them down in the first place. For an even longer time, most businesses have been apologizing for the money they make and attempting to show—truthfully or not—how much of it they "give back." From whom did they "take" the money—voluntarily given to them by satisfied customers? No answer is given, because the question is never asked.

Thinking businesspeople must take pride in what they do and make no apologies for it. They can, on moral grounds, honor their own right and the absolute right of everybody else to keep what they earn. An association of thinking businesspeople can resurrect the notion of a right to private property, at a time when it is being slyly and systematically dismantled by Big Government. The Association can, through its actions and example, advance not only the interests of those who seek to restore genuine capitalism, but, more broadly, the rights of the individual to live free from intimidation and coercion.

Others are trying to make this happen, but a businessperson can do this unlike anybody else. Imagine, for a moment, a politician or a presidential candidate confronted by the question, "What gives you the right to punish me, and other financially successful people like me, for the success I have earned? Why does someone's right to keep what he or she earns end at a certain dollar figure? And will you please specify what the figure is—and exactly how you arrived at it?" Imagine this question coming, without shame or appeasement, from someone who actually made the money. Imagine putting these incompetent, self-important politicians on the defensive—just once!

As a businessperson, you ought to do this in defense of your own survival—and there's strength in numbers. Especially in today's society, the media and powerful people pay more attention to groups and organizations than they do to individuals. Joining an association can give you the edge in fighting for your own values and jump-starting the process of establishing the future here-and-now. Yes, you'll be in the minority, at least at first. But minorities with big ideas have always swayed history. They did in the first American Revolution, and they can in the next one. Businesspeople, standing up in their own moral self-defense, must be part of that next one.

If you think about it, the ideas of freedom and individual rights have always started as a minority idea. But look how they improved the world in the last several hundred years! Using the powers of mass communication now available to us, successful businesspeople have an extraordinary chance to spread those ideas as never before.

Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D. is a renowned psychotherapist and author with an international following to his Daily Dose of Reason and his many other books, articles, and writings. Dr. Hurd is among the Charter members of the Association of Objectivist Business Professionals
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Doing business is a fact of life.  With whom who we choose to do business is another matter.  The mission of the Association of Objectivist Business Professionals is to provide a meeting place for those who uphold the ideals set forth in Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism-- and to do business together.

The centerpiece of the AOB is our Objectivist Business Directory.

One of the new features we will be deploying in the next couple of weeks will be the ratings and reviews system so that you can have some insight beyond the fact of the company's or person's membership in AOB.

With our new website well underway, there's no better time to become part of the AOB.  Why not join today?

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The Association of Objectivist Business Professionals is getting ready to launch its new and improved website.  If you are a business professional and a supporter of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism--then this is the place for you.  The Association of Objectivist Business Professionals web site will have these great features:

  1. Directory of Members with Extensive Profiles (and member-to-member reviews/recommendations)
  2. Discussion Forum -- with a focus on both the application of philosophical principles in business and many day-to-day management discussions.
  3. Coupons/Discounts Listing for Members
  4. Classified Ads for Selling Products, Services or Job Posting
  5. Archive Articles
  6. Social Networking Integration Points
  7. Featured Member Articles and Profiles
  8. Objectivist RSS Feeds Agglomerator
  9. Private Messaging Between Members -- with no disclosure of email addresses without express permission
  10. Audio and/or Video seminars on subjects of interest to Objectivist business professionals
  11. Banner and Advertising Opportunities
  12. An affiliate program to promote membership

The goal and mission of the AOB is to function much like a chamber of commerce with all the added features and benefits of social networking organizations-- with the important added benefit of shared values.  Membership in the Association of Objectivist Business Professionals is available at this time.

If you are interested in receiving more information as it becomes available, please use the sign-up form to get onto the mailing list.